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What Business Model We Follow

XLLDeal A Trusted Marketplace for All Businesses & Consumers:

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We are a global B2B marketplace connecting all kinds of business to promote trade between suppliers and potential buyers. We also function as an online classified and search service provider carrying information about hotels, real estates, home décor, insurance, sports, fitness, movies, beauty and personal care. We work for almost all the sectors including finance, medicines, travel, entertainment and education.

What Are The Things We Want To Serve

We aim at serving as the largest B2B marketplace across the globe. We provide a platform where we have trusted manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, importers, exporters and wholesalers from all types of business industries. We help sellers meet buyers to have a trade. We also serve as a local search engine providing information from the sectors of travel, education, entertainment, medicines, food/drinks, health & nutrition, electronics, finance, automobiles, real estate, and personal care.

Who Can All Involve With Us

Any type of business no matter big or small belonging to any type of industry can list up with us for trading across the globe. We have trusted Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Buyers, Wholesalers, and Products & Trade leads on our platform to promote local and global trade.

What Business Model We Follow

We follow the Business To Business service model. Here manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, exporters, importers, and wholesalers can conduct trading business. Buyers can place a bulk order and buy them at cheap and Affordable Price from the trusted seller.

What Kind Of Industry Have We Listed

We have listed up all kinds of industries in our business directory to promote international trade flow.

Why We Allow All Kind Of Industry

We list up all kinds of industries on our B2B platform to promote international trade flow across the globe in all the sectors including clothing, electronics, agriculture, healthcare, etc.

What Kind Of Platform Have We Made

We have made a global Business To Business eCommerce platform that promotes Local Business as well as international business.

What Is The Procedure You Can Reach Out Us

You can easily find us online. We have 24/7 live help desk to attend your queries and support you.

Do We Serve Across The World

Yes, we serve across the entire globe. We have Wholesale sellers, wholesale distributors, manufacturers, importers, and exporters who enjoy the facility of international trade.

No Matter What Kind Of Industry/Business You Have, We Allow Everyone In Our Marketplace

Yes. Any kind of business can list with the XLLDeal. We support all kinds of industries including travel, education, machinery, entertainment, medicines, food/drinks, health & nutrition, sports, electronics, finance, automobiles, Apparel, real estate, and personal care.

So, go ahead and find your best deal with XLLDeal.