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  1. What is our USP
  2. XLLDeal online has the following major Unique Selling Proposition to make the platform perfect for online sellers.
  1. Scope for Every Type of Business, including Local Business
  2. Whether you operate your small business unit, an enterprise or a big company, you may list your business and operations with our XLLDeal. Even we provide pool of opportunities to many local business units. Only as an owner, you have to follow specific rules to list yourself as a local business group or as a company.
    Largest B2B Ecommerce Platform/Marketplace

    We know that businesses are much larger as compared to individual entities i.e. consumers. In addition, they require higher volume of products and offered services, while have complicated shipping requirements. Because of this, as the largest B2B Ecommerce Platform or Marketplace, our provides the essential solutions and put efforts to fulfill primarily requirements of our sellers. In this way, you can easily supply the required products to other business units or industries in a timely manner and without compromising on the service quality.
    One-stop Solution for Everyone
  5. Whether you are a supplier, a manufacturer, an importer, an exporter, buyer, product or trade leader and wholesaler, you will expect to get one-stop solution from our 
  1.  From Buyers’ Perspective 
  2. Today, life of a buyer is too much busy that he/she does not get enough time to visit different stores to get any daily use items, like personal care items or valuable items, like mobiles, machineries and unique pieces of visual arts. In addition, in this fast moving world, no one of us waste our valuable time by surfing the internet for individual items separately.
  1. Positively, with reputed online portal like, every prospective buyer may easily get the favorite item of his/her own choice from a single place and by putting less possible efforts. For instance, if you want to buy a new mobile, you may easily visit and look for various mobile models offered by branded companies. Even lets you comparing prices and features, so that you crack the best possible deal.
  3. From Sellers’ Perspective 
  4. One of the prime benefits associated with getting listed in, as a seller is that your probability to get ready to buy customers increases significantly. Along with this, you will get extended market coverage. For this, you have to select pin codes and country codes, where you want your visibility. A unique feature of is that it not only helps you gaining higher online exposure or securing higher ranks, but also helps you to watch the actions taken by competitors. In this way, you will always stay ready to take essential actions on time.