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Whizhop - Food Beverage Management Solution

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365, Vaibogh, 2nd Floor, 5th Link Street, Perungudi, Chennai-600096. +91 844-844-9005, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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Service Description


Comprehensive restaurant management solution

Not just the meal, but the entire dining experience counts when it comes to running a successful restaurant business. With a smooth entry- to-exit customer management solution, winning customers becomes a piece of cake with FinaTel's Whizhop.

Whizhop is a Tablet-based restaurant management solution that helps you offer a delightful experience to your customers, by speeding-up order processing, billing, record feedback, run loyalty programs and perform a host of other experience-enhancing activities.

Not just customer management, Whizhop can augment your business efficiency by orchestrating your back-end processes like managing the kitchen, systematizing staff responsibilities, tracking inventory movement, organizing vendor deals, managing payments & revenue flow and more. As much as it sounds exhaustive, the performance is intuitive too.

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Solution Highlights

  • Suitable for restaurants, food courts, multi-chain food outlets, cafes, bars and catering institutes.
  • Flexible Web solution and Android-Mobile App solution.
  • Highly available cloud-hosted architecture.
  • Centralized server control to manage and track billing, inventory, customer database, etc.
  • Intuitive Business Intelligence(BI) Dashboard, that generates graphical reports.
  • Scalable features & functionalities.
  • Fool-proof billing and payment structure.
  • Flexible 'pay as-you-go' pricing model.
  • Low manpower costs.
Administrative features
  • Attractive e-Menu options with personalized templates.
  • Centralized management console to control multiple restaurant chains.
  • Single-view control of inventory, stock movement, sales progress, etc.
  • Real-time access to accounts, sales, stock, billing cycle, customer loyalty database, etc.
  • Customized KPIs, reports and dashboards.
  • Accurate billing with Tax, discounts and offers etc applied.
  • Multiple POS functionalities compatible with Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices.
  • Supports core account functions such as general ledger, account payable & receivables, etc.
  • Flexible Online & Offline modes.
Customer-Centric features
  • Direct order to the chef using Tablet e-menu.
  • Options to customize the dish while making orders.
  • Paperless e-billing sent to customer mobile or emails.
  • Easily redeemable discount vouchers.
  • Instant feedback/bill/check request without any waiting period.
  • Attractive loyalty program like Coupons, e-gifts, etc.
  • Social Media contact to find out latest cuisines, offer-of-the day, house-specials, etc.
Minimum device requirements to run Whizhop
  • Operating System : Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or Higher.
  • Supported Resolutions : 1024×768, 1280×800, 2048×1536.
  • RAM : 1 GB or Higher.
  • Other Requirements : Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, Connectivity to internet (Minimum 4 mbps speed).
Bluetooth printer requirements
  • Printer Type: Thermal Printer.
  • Options Required: Bluetooth Connectivity, Barcode Connectivity with Tablet, ZPL Language Support
  • Contact Us:
  •  FinaTel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 
  • 365, Vaibogh, 2nd Floor,
    5th Link Street, 
    Perungudi, Chennai-600096.
  •  +91 844-844-9005
  • USA & Canada :  
  • +1 (408) 465 4249


Whizhop - Food   Beverage Management Solution


Whizhop - Food   Beverage Management Solution

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