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FinaTel is a software development & technology services company based in India with global offices in SriLanka, UK and the Middle East. What we do? We develop innovation-centric IT products, and provide advanced Technology Services & Solutions....

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365, Vaibogh, 2nd Floor, 5th Link Street, Perungudi, Chennai-600096. +91 844-844-9005, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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Financial Service Offerings

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Optimized technology that saves time & money leverage your market opportunities with FinaTel's financial offerings.

Financial policies are getting revised at the constitutional level, across the globe. At this juncture, gaining traction and retaining customers has become crucial for financial institutions, like never before.


At FinaTel, we combine the power of technology best-practices & innovation, and build robust financial systems across all channels and payment processes, without compromising on data security. We have commendable experience in handling financial payment processing and have offered our services to several prominent financial institutions, globally.


Our financial services in payment gateway vertical include:

  • Application development in ISO 8583 message framework
  • Integration with network processors like Visa/MasterCard
  • Consultation for certification processes
  • Off-shore support for third-party integration and processing

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Financial Service

Financial Service Image

Service Features

Our payment processing services focus on bringing convenience to users, while your business moves forward with better customer service, zero-processing downtime, streamlined systems, cost-advantage and a favorable reputation.

Banks, credit unions and independent e-commerce businesses are some of the major industries where we have delivered our services.

  • Credit/Debit card processing
  • Multi-channel activation - Web, Mobile, ATM, Biometric, POS and IVRS
  • Prepaid recharge services
  • e-bill payments
  • EMV implementation
  • Third-party processing
  • Network processing
  • Fleet-cards & e-Gifts are some of our service features


Service Advantages Image

Service Advantages

Competition in the market is largely driven by the amount of feature and functionalities offered in the business. FinaTel understands the length and breadth of challenges in the financial industry, which makes our services sharper and market-ready.

Take advantage of FinaTel's customer-centric payment processing services.


  • Explore a wide range of payment processing options from FinaTel that supports an array of global payment gateways
  • Develop solutions, addressing unique customer issues and challenges
  • Optimize your existing solution using FinaTel's expert financial services consultation
  • Integrate custom-built payment functionalities into your existing system for paperless transactions


Financial Service Offerings


Financial Service Offerings

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