Imagimake Mapology India with State Capitals - Educational Toy Map Puzzle-Jigsaw Puzzle.

₹399 ₹449

 A unique, fun and exciting foam map puzzle toy to help children learn the States of India, Union Territories and their Capitals


ButterflyEduFields Magnetic Shapes Puzzles Toys for Kids Boys & Girls - 23 Pieces

₹379 ₹499

Educational Fun Toy & Game for Imaginative Play for Kids of 2 Years and above: Fun, Unique, Educational, Meaningful & Innovative Birthday Gift to creatively engage your child. Unlimited Play possibility with many geometric shapes which can be made on the exercise sheets kept on magnetic board.


SYGA Wooden Mathematics Learning Toy Kid Educational Math Calculate Game Toys

₹449 ₹950

This fantastic educational set includes numbers,blank board and math symbols .


Play Poco Magnetic Fun with Alphabet and Words - with 64 Picture Magnets, 144 Letter Magnets

₹479 ₹1200

This is a perfect introduction to simple words. The colorful pictures help your child associate words with objects. 


wishkey wooden learning clock with bead lace , digital numbers, shape & color learning montessori

₹299 ₹350

The Shape Sorting Clock is designed to teach younger children fine motor skills, numbers, colors, shapes, and concepts of time. 


Ionix Kids Learning Tablets , slate for kids learning

₹185 ₹500

Perfect Learning toy fo rKids, Kids use with Enthusiasm for drawing , learning