Natraj Geometry Box for School

₹99 ₹110

High strength
Perfect finish
Different sizes available
Low maintenance
Superb design


Camel Geometry Box

₹99 ₹120

 10 PCS Box/160 PCS CTN.
- Set of Squares 45, 60
- Protractor 180
- Scale 15cm/6


Camlin Kokuyo Nova Geometry Box (Multicolor)

₹145 ₹150

The plastic used in ruler, protractor and set square are made of high transparency plastic and comes with precise marking for easy reading and accurate drawings


Classmate Archimedes Geometry Box

₹146 ₹150

Die-cast compass Provides wobble-free and consistent precision
Double-sided tray Prevents scratches and provides quick access
Compass with spur gear technology Ensures coordinate movement and symmetry
Mechanical Pencil For a higher level of precision
Specially designed kit for excelling with precision in geometry.


METAL Doms Mathematical Drawing Instrument Box

₹99 ₹110

Steel Material
Grey Colour
Dimensions (L x W X H): 18 cm x 8 cm x 2 cm
Compass, Divider, Eraser, Set Square 45 Degree, Set Square 60 Degree, Pencil, Scale